Generating clients for your APIs with AutoRest

When building Web APIs it's often required to provide client adapters between various programming stacks and raw HTTP REST APIs. These 'clients' can be built manually but it's often a rather tedious task and it adds to your development efforts as you need to keep the clients in sync with... »

Disable SSL certificate validation during development

Every so often when I need to run some code that communicates with remote components over HTTPS in my development environment with a test or self-signed cert I run into an error saying that the certificate validation failed. I remember there is a way to override the check in .NET by subsribing to an event but it always takes me »

JVM 6 and Minsk time zone

I lost some time today… No, I’ve lost shit load of time today figuring out why my fresh installation of TeamCity doesn’t respect the time zone setting on my server. The server is configured for my local time zone (Minsk) as any other machine in our network but TeamCity kept insisting that the server time zone was America/Caracas (eek!). Well »

Removing source control dependencies from Visual Studio project files

Why? Visual Studio has been providing an API that allowed 3rd party source control tools to build their SCC providers in order to integrate with it and give users a possibility to work with those tools right from IDE. It turns out to be pretty convenient especially when you and your peers use the same source control system. You can »

‘ProjectTypeGuids’ node in VS project files

I wanted to create a WPF resource dictionary and put it in a separate assembly for a certain purpose. I started up by creating a regular class library and was about to add a new item to it when I was puzzled – I couldn’t find a proper template anywhere in the UI the Visual Studio provided to me. »

SQL Server ‘Auto Close’ and ‘Auto Shrink’ properties

One day I got really annoyed by my laptop performing sluggishly. It was strange and annoying and wasn’t fun and I had no idea what was causing it. I have a lot of stuff installed for my development needs but no shitware and other pop-up-tray-assistance-wizards. And I have SQL Server Express that I use as a repository for Vault and »

Reading ad-hoc JSON string in .NET

If you&#x2019;re a web developer you&#x2019;re probably familiar with <code>System.Web.Script.Serialization.JavaScriptSerializer</code> that&apos;s heavily used by ASP.NET AJAX framework and of course you can use it to convert managed objects to JSON so it can be consumed by JavaScript. »

When a first chance exception of type 'XXX' occurred you really have a bug

So you see this message about a first chance exception in your debugger&#x2019;s output window, your brows rise, you glance through the code back and forth and can&#x2019;t see a thing. What&#x2019;s more, your application runs just fine and the exception doesn&#x2019;t manifest itself in any way rather than this annoying debugging output. You shrug and&#x2026; Stop! You got a »