InfoPath, SharePoint and cross domain issues

I wrote an InfoPath form that was supposed to submit data to my web service. Upon submission it failed with the following message: The form cannot be submitted because this action would violate cross-domain restrictions. If this form template is published to a SharePoint document library, cross-domain access for user form templates must be enabled under InfoPath Forms Services in »

Configuring throttling on external lists in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint Server 2010 includes a great feature called Business Connectivity Services that allows to consume data from external sources and present it as SharePoint lists. You can consume data from databases, web (WCF and not only) services and even from the custom BDC entity services (which is just custom .NET code that you can develop and deploy into SharePoint). Being »

When error messages are misleading

I’ve been playing with SharePoint Foundation 2010 and decided to test the API by writing a simple console application that would manipulate different SP objects. Although I have a decent ASP.NET experience I am a newbie to SharePoint so I got puzzled right away when I wanted to open a connection to my SP site: using (SPSite siteCollection »