Please, write testable code

I was reviewing a rather big pull request lately and felt very uncomfortable as there were quite a few changes and additions but I didn’t see any tests. When reviewing code you don’t always follow the actual code logic but rather seek for evidence of best practices and proven principals being respected. One such proven practice is unit testing. »

What do I look for at code reviews?

I have been asked this question recently and for a moment I was at a loss to come up with a short answer because the topic is big! We practice code reviews every day in our team and everyone is encouraged to participate to advise and learn at the same time. These days thanks to tools like Stash it is »

Have you set up a package versioning strategy?

When developing real world software we inevitably have to deal with shared components. These components can be reused across different teams or even within a single team that is moving towards microservices architecture. How do we share components? »