Getting to know the new ASP.NET 5 configuration framework

.NET applications traditionally relied on `System.Configuration` components for accessing and managing configurations from the machine wide settings down to application and user settings. The new release of .NET revisits the configuration story by bringing on a brand new configuration framework... »

Doing async the right way

I’ve stumbled upon a couple of methods in the server side code of a project I happened to be involved in that were trying to accomplish their tasks in an asynchronous manner but in a way that made me want to fix them right away when I saw them. Both methods belonged to the data layer of the server app. »

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What if you need to run a plug-in in full trust?

In my initial scratch of the Skinner I unwillingly ignored the security issues and the resulting code is only going to work in a full trust environment. There are few things that raise a security concern: »

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Reading ad-hoc JSON string in .NET

If you&#x2019;re a web developer you&#x2019;re probably familiar with <code>System.Web.Script.Serialization.JavaScriptSerializer</code> that&apos;s heavily used by ASP.NET AJAX framework and of course you can use it to convert managed objects to JSON so it can be consumed by JavaScript. »

Uploading a file over HTTP in .NET

You program a client that needs to upload a file to the server. What are the options? You should probably look into <code>System.Net</code> namespace where you can either program at <code>WebRequest/WebResponse</code> level or make use of one of the convenient methods on the <code>WebClient</code> class. »

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