Bring your own DI container to ASP.NET 5 - Unity

Now that we understand some basics of how dependency injection is handled by ASP.NET 5 we are ready to start rolling out our integration components for our container of choice. The process may not that straightforward at times and different containers have their quirks. I believe things will improve when new bits actually go GA and it's likely that containers »

Bring your own DI container to ASP.NET 5

As you probably know ASP.NET 5 uses dependency injection from the ground up. It's unlike previous releases where higher level frameworks such as MVC, WebAPI or SignalR provided their own extension points to hook your DI container of choice in. In the new release dependency injection is going to be used throughout the stack from infrastructure and middleware to higher »

Dependency injection with WCF

Here&apos;s the goal:<br>We want to have a WCF service that is decoupled from the repository implementation. We want the infrastructure to take care of setting up the service, injecting the repository implementation and triggering the disposure of the service and the repository object. »