Implementing Service Bus SAS keys rotation

Shared Access Signature (SAS) authentication provides a simple and flexible option to authenticate requests to Service Bus. You can define access rules on the entire namespace as well as individual entities such as queues, relays, topics and Event Hubs. While this is also possible with ACS authentication, what sets SAS option apart is the ability to grant access to Service »

A better implementation of a priority queue

In my previous post I provided a sample implementation of the Priority Queue pattern that was multiplexing messages from several queues through a dispatcher to a limited number of worker threads. While the basic idea looks good there were a couple of issues that popped up while running a similar solution in the real environment: Some messages got put in »

Insuring exclusive processing of queue messages in Azure

Queues are great for implementing asynchronous communication between systems and their components. Microsoft Azure provides two options: Service Bus queue and Storage Queue. They are both great for building up distributed systems although they have certain peculiarities. You can read about more details in this comparison article. It is pretty common that you have multiple instances of your worker process »