Service Fabric application lifecycle management using PowerShell

This post is a collection of notes that I took as I was familiarizing myself with lifecycle management of Service Fabric applications. As I was going through the process I learned more about versioning and packaging, deployment and upgrade scenarios. Oh, and by the way I've found the official documentation pretty helpful. Connect to cluster It all starts with establishing »

Scheduling web jobs in Basic tier web apps

You have an application application that is deployed to an Azure Web App running in Basic App Service hosting plan. You have a couple of web jobs there that are supposed to run on schedule and you chose to define the schedules with cron expressions. One day you noticed that these schedules never fired even though you remembered how you »

Automating Azure Search index operations

Last time we had a look at provisioning Azure Search service with Azure Resource Manager and PowerShell. The next step is to set up an index (or indexes) and decide how we are going to populate it. We should also index existing data for the first time once the index has been created. Automating these operations will enable us to »

How to provision Azure Search service with PowerShell

Azure Search Management API is built on top of Azure Resource Manager which is a new way of managing resource in Azure that you probably hear about more and more these days. The idea behind it is that instead of managing individual resources you start thinking in terms of your applications and what resources are needed for them. With powerful »

Updating Azure cloud service configuration with PowerShell

Azure team ships PowerShell cmdlets that allow us to automate literally any task we can perform on the portal. Automating development tasks is important for efficient DevOps flow as it gives us fast and reliable way to perform every day activities setting up environments, deploying applications, collecting diagnostics and so on. In my previous post I gave an example of »