Implementing External Configuration Store Pattern on Azure

Configuration management is an important part of running and evolving public facing services when down time is not tolerated and you need maximum flexibility in adjusting settings of running services. Implementing External Configuration Store Pattern opens up some great possibilities for you like independent deployment of your services and configuration, sharing configuration between multiple services and versioning of configuration sets. »

Be aware of Web role host process

Azure cloud service web roles have one peculiarity in regard to the way your code is hosted. The thing is although you have a single project associated with your web role it will actually be run in two separate processes. One process is WaIISHost.exe and it will run your RoleEntryPoint and this is where you can handle OnStart, OnStop »

Adding SLAB out-of-process service to Azure cloud services

One great feature that Semantic Logging Application Block (SLAB) provides is an ability to use out-of-process service to listen to your messages. The idea is to move the logging sinks to another process so that messages don’t get lost if your application process crashes or it is terminated unexpectedly. We use SLAB out-of-process service in our cloud services that »