Application request routing in Azure Web Apps

Azure Web Apps by default enable so-called sticky sessions when subsequent requests that are made within an established session get processed by the same instance of an app that served the very first request of the session. Web Apps rely on the IIS extension called Application Request Routing (ARR) to implement that and the idea is basically to add a »

Scheduling web jobs in Basic tier web apps

You have an application application that is deployed to an Azure Web App running in Basic App Service hosting plan. You have a couple of web jobs there that are supposed to run on schedule and you chose to define the schedules with cron expressions. One day you noticed that these schedules never fired even though you remembered how you »

Azure Web Apps Continuous Deployment

Azure Web Apps provide a continuous deployment feature that allows you to quickly set up a continuous build and deployment process from your code repository. It implements a pull model when your repository is cloned to your web app, changes are pulled and the application is built when the web app gets notified from your source code hosting service and »