Presenting Application Insights at Belarus Azure Day 2015

On December, 13 2015 we’ve held a whole day live event dedicated to all things Azure. 8 speakers from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia presented on a wide array of topics from working efficiently with Azure storage and Service Bus to trendy container and microservices technologies to usage analytics with Application Insights and Mobile Engagement.

Belarus Azure Day 2015

Here’s the full list of topics and presenters:

I was talking about Application Insights and how it can help us get a better understanding of what's happing in our applications and how they are used. I demo'ed different kinds of events and correlation between them, built-in and custom metrics, client side and usage analytics and availability tests. I also covered integration aspects and how we can send our applications logs and traces to Application Insights so they become part of the whole telemetry that is gathered, analyzed and presented by the service.